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iRest Yoga Nidra: A Journey into Ease, Well-Being & Consciousness

  • Yoga Venue 2 Avenue Lane, Oxford OX4 1YF (map)

A three-hour workshop delivered by James Reeves at Oxford's Yoga Venue:

The ancient practice of Yoga nidra – in which we use the state of being ‘wakefully asleep’ as a basis for self inquiry and restoration – can be a profoundly enlightening and healing experience. In this workshop not only will we explore our general understanding of Yoga nidra and its benefits but also look specifically at ‘iRest (‘integrative restoration) Yoga Nidra’ – a secular adaptation of the practice, supported by a body of research proving its effectiveness, and used in a broad range of therapeutic settings the world over. Using practices that work immediately to shift towards well-being, and interweaving contemplative techniques to explore emotion, the mind, memory and unconscious material.

You will understand and experience how this profound technique has been used to help relieve suffering and treat a number of stress-related modern maladies of the body and mind. Arguably, the most profound adaption of this ancient practice is the path of self enquiry and its inclusion of non-dual exploration, ultimately revealing the inherent truth in our experience: that at our essence we are already healthy, healed and are the unity and interconnectedness that we seek.

During the workshop we will:

  • Examine the meaning of ‘Yoga nidra’ and the stages of consciousness that the practice allows us to explore
  • Look at what differentiates iRest from traditional forms of Yoga nidra
  • Learn about sleep, restoration and what happens when we remain aware as our body falls in to deep rest
  • Practise Yoga nidra for ourselves after each theoretical sharing, allowing you to integrate your understanding in to your own experience.

This workshop is suitable for everyone, including those who are simply curious about the practice of yoga nidra, those who are interested in iRest specifically, anyone wanting to explore the technique for their own healing and self-inquiry, as well as those planning on sharing the technique in their own teaching/therapeutic setting

Fee: £30

Level: All levels, no experience required

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