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Retreat To Your Senses: Asana, aromatherapy, sound, yoga nidra, and beyond…

  • Crinan House, Market Street, Charlbury OX7 3PH UK (map)



Four fantastic experts come together to deliver a delectable day of discovery, relaxation and indulgence that promises to take you on a journey through the five senses, ultimately to transcend them and glimpse into the all-spacious, ever-aware core of your being.

You’ll practice body-sensing asanas, take a fresh look at aromatherapy (making your own uniquely blended products to take away), indulge in a lunch that promises to be a feast for the eyes as well as the taste buds, experience the power of sound to move, awaken and inspire, and lastly lay back and be held by the transformative power of yoga nidra, going into and beyond the senses to glimpse what lies at the very depths of your awareness.


Your teachers


Anne Marie Frohock is a qualified yoga teacher and NHS nutritional health professional. She will first be leading the asana element of the day, easing participants through a flowing practice focused on bringing awareness to the body. “When I discovered this wonderful flowing style of yoga that strengthened my body and resolved years of pain associated with scoliosis in my spine, for the first time in years I felt that I was truly listening to and nourishing my body.”  Then at lunch Anne Marie will conjure up a nourishing feast, using her expert no-fad knowledge and unleashing her joy for cooking and sharing her culinary creations.


Charlotte Spencer is an aromatherapist, teacher and candlemaker. For this retreat she will be bringing bowls, base balms and blending tools to go alongside a snapshot presentation of essential oils and their uses. Without delay there will be fun for participants who, using their clever and complex sense of smell, will combine instinct and intuition to hand pick specific oils to complement or lift their mood. By the end of the session they will have mixed up three fabulous tailor-made goodies for themselves or a friend to take home with them, plus gleaned a little more knowledge than when they arrived on the power of plants. And if flames are their thing, Charlotte will be bringing a range of her aromatherapy candles to purchase at pleasure. 


Jayson Stilwell is a fully qualified WSHA (World Sound Healers Association) sound healer having studied under the President of the WSHA, Jonathan Goldman, author of Healing Sounds, who says, "Jayson projects profound vocal harmonics that transcend culture and tradition." Jayson’s passion for researching the roots of healing sounds led him to study with the Khoomei (overtone) singers and nomads of Tuva, Eastern Siberia, and now, having taught and shared skills extensively in both the USA and UK, Jayson is one of the UK's premier overtone singers, sound healers and sacred sound practitioners.


James Reeves is one of Europe’s leading yoga nidra experts. He specialises in iRest (‘Integrative Restoration) Yoga Nidra having studied extensively with the protocol’s founder, Richard C. Miller, PhD. James was responsible for bringing iRest Yoga Nidra teacher training to Europe in 2014 and is the Integrative Restoration Institute’s Director of Europe. James has been a practising yoga teacher since 2005 after completing his first teacher training at the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Dhanwantari Centre in Kerala, India. He qualified as a Structural Yoga Therapist after training with Mukunda Stiles in 2006 and has since continued to study with countless leading teachers of hatha yoga, yoga nidra and meditation from all over the world. James delivers trainings, workshops and retreats across Europe and is a regular teacher on Ekhart Yoga Online, always focused on helping us to live the essence of our true nature: welcoming, open, spacious and free from judgment and conditioning.


Schedule (subject to tweaking)

  • 9.45am-10am: Arrival

  • 10.15-11.15: Asana

  • Break (15 mins)

  • 11.30-1pm: Aromatherapy

  • 1pm-2pm: Lunch

  • 2pm-3pm Sound

  • Break (15 mins)

  • 3.15pm-4pm Yoga nidra



Crinan House, Market St, Charlbury OX7 3PH  

Please note that while there are no on-site parking spaces there is plenty of on-street parking near the venue

Cost and booking

£95 including lunch and all aromatherapy takeaways*.

 Book here.

*Please note that if you are pregnant/may be pregnant it is advised you do not take part in the aromatherapy element of the day