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iRest Yoga Nidra Evening Workshop

  • triyoga 57 Jamestown Road London, England, NW1 7DB United Kingdom (map)

Occasionally in our everyday lives we catch a glimpse of our deepest, wisest self, and typically it feels like a shot of inexplicable bliss, or a moment of sudden, unanticipated insight – an ‘epiphany’. These experiences often come in situations where we have unknowingly ‘let go’ – sometimes on holiday, maybe as we surface from a deep sleep, or perhaps simply in a second’s gaze out the window amidst a busy train journey.

In this workshop we’re going to explore what causes these moments and how they relate to ‘yoga’. We will learn how to readily access this state of being and use this aspect of our greater self to enhance, navigate and find peace within our lives.

Over this two-hour workshop, you will:

- learn research-based & neuroscience-founded techniques to establish a quiet mind
- explore how surfing between the stages of sleep can be used to effortlessly enter deep meditative states
- be taken beyond the mind and uncover your essential self as already peaceful,
experiencing your interconnectedness with all of life

Join James and learn how to naturally unveil what lies constant and unyielding behind all aspects of your experience: presence, peace, a natural joy and heart-felt contentment.