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Sharpham House Weekend Retreat, Devon

Join James Reeves and Jo Hamilton to dive deep into a transformative combination of hatha yoga, neurogenic yoga and yoga nidra. The weekend will help you unfold, release and move forward with ease and lightness, discovering your innate most-peaceful self.

You’ll be fed, watered and accommodated at the stunning venue of Sharpham House in Devon, located high above the River Dart within a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

We’ll be practising:

Hatha yoga
Soothing, mindful movement and breathing practices to help calm your mind and connect with the wisdom held within your body. All too often we consider thinking and analysis to be the means to understand ourselves and find ‘solutions’ to our problems, forgetting that our body has its own memory and wisdom, if only we’d take the time to inquire and listen.

Neurogenic yoga
We’ll re-awaken our inner healer, allowing body and mind to release and let go. This deeply restorative practice awakens our innate tremor release response though gentle mindful hatha yoga, restoring and rebalancing us as tensions ripple away. Neurogenic yoga is accessible to everyone, and we’ll be honouring your pace and ability in a nurturing and supportive space.

Yoga nidra
We’ll ease you into a number of guided yoga nidra practices where, without effort, you’ll be carried into a meditative state, surfing the stages of sleep and thereby exploring ‘awareness’ from a non-analytical perspective. Your ‘judgements’ will be absent, your preconceptions gone and only the essence of your being will be present, offering insight and, usually, a profound sense of everything being OK just as it is.

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