Is this yoga, or something else?


Restful Being was founded in 2014 by James Reeves and Gabrielle Brown. We’re both qualified yoga teachers, but we don’t necessarily teach yoga as you might know it…

We teach People how to stop

Yoga, meditation and mindfulness practices share a common goal: to reveal that which remains when everything else is gone. These traditions are all concerned with leading you to experience who you are when you are not thinking, not doing, and not feeling. They help you to see yourself beyond the stories, memories, sensations, interpretations and assumptions of your day-to-day experience.

We work with techniques born out of these practices, but ultimately we aim to reveal how these are all methods intended to guide you to the point of doing nothing. In themselves they are not necessary for you to experience yourself as calm, steady, and complete. This is already the nature of who you are, underneath it all.

You might like to call this aspect of yourself your ‘awareness’ or ‘consciousness,’ but whatever label you use, when you connect with it– when it reveals itself to you – it feels like coming home.

You feel accepted, without conditions, and you are accepting of all that is. Whatever you’re going through, whoever you are, you recognise that above, beyond and behind it all, you are steady and whole. You are flawless and shatterproof.

It’s like discovering a superpower.

We help people to see that They are not broken

So much of our suffering comes from the belief that there is something wrong with us and that we must do something to make ourselves better - to fix or improve ourselves somehow. We might embark on any number of self-improvement ventures, or set about ways to heal our faults, or seek spiritual or philosophical guidance, all the while missing one key possibility: that at the deepest level, we are not suffering in any way.

At Restful Being, we help people to uncover and connect with this possibility and experience it as their truth.

You don’t need to do yoga, or meditate, or embark on a mindfulness programme to connect with your essential nature (it’s always there, within you, regardless), but some aspects of these traditions can help us to fall into this state of being (and indeed some can take us away - it’s really hard to enter any kind of practice without wanting to ‘get better’ at it, or see it as a means to us somehow becoming a better version of the person we already are, physically and emotionally).

We start from the premise that you already have everything you need within you, right now, to be the better version of yourself you might think you somehow need to grow into or create in the future.

You’re already there.

How do we work?


We run regular yoga and yoga nidra classes, deliver workshops on deep rest and offer training courses for anyone interested in teaching yoga nidra or who wish to gain a deeper understanding of the practice for their personal interest. We also provide home practice courses and audio recordings suitable for anyone seeking to uncover their most-rested nature, no matter how busy or stressful their lives.

Whether we’re teaching a physical movement class or offering space and guidance for you to simply lie down and explore deep rest, our objective is to enable you to start a conversation with yourself that will ultimately lead you to realising your innate wisdom, strength and poise, and be reminded of the fact that it is always there.

In August 2019 our book, The Book of Rest, will be published by HQ/HarperCollins. You can pre-order a copy here.

About James Reeves

James Reeves is a world-leading yoga nidra teacher. He was the first in Europe to deliver iRest Yoga Nidra teacher training courses, a research-backed programme based on the ancient teachings of yoga nidra but presented in a form made accessible for modern day living and designed to bring the healing benefits of yogic and meditative practices to a wide variety of people. He’s been teaching yoga and meditation since 2005.


About Gabrielle Brown

Although a long-time yogi and yoga teacher herself, Gabrielle (‘Gabs’) is primarily involved in managing Restful Being’s content, from the website, blog posts, event listings and course materials. She has worked in communications and publishing for over two decades.


Our philosophy

We cherish and respect yoga as the foundation of our work, but we’re also aware of how a preoccupation with the practice as a means to achieve physical perfection has distorted and made inaccessible what lies at the core of all yogic teachings. Our hope is to make accessible the idea that yoga is a means to connect with your already-perfect self, and that in a similar way, meditation is no more than the act of surrendering to the unspoiled and unending space that already resides in all of us. No matter who we are or what we’re going through, we are capable of falling into this space and taking relief from this always unbroken aspect of our experience.

What people say…

James’ heartfelt gentleness and masterful wisdom shine through in his teachings of iRest Yoga Nidra. His expertise lies in his ability to light the path for others to find their own way.
— Richard Miller, PhD, founder of the Integrative Restoration Institute and iRest Yoga Nidra
James has been the most amazing teacher. Not only am I fitter and more flexible but also I feel better balanced mentally and emotionally.
— Emma Watson, Actress and UN Ambassador
It feels impossibly wonderful. It is clear why yoga nidra is becoming the next big thing. We are all exhausted. Could Reeves and Brown provide salvation?...It may be ‘nothing’, but Reevesian rest might just save the world.
— Hannah Betts, The Telegraph


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