“I feel better balanced
mentally and emotionally.”

Emma Watson, Actress and UN Ambassador 

“I’ve never felt more unwound in my life.”
Hannah Betts, The Telegraph

"James' heartfelt gentleness and masterful wisdom shine through in his teachings.”
Richard Miller, PhD, Clinical Psychologist, Author, Researcher and Yogic Scholar 


you already Have everything you need to feel better

Sometimes, we make things more complicated than they need to be. It’s in our nature to want to figure things out and control everything. If we’re feeling stressed, worried, anxious, confused, in pain or just somehow ‘stuck’, it’s often the case that we enter into a battle with our body, our mind…our life. We tell ourselves we must do more to get better, to be better. We must figure things out. We must figure ourselves out.

But what if the solution was much simpler, and involved absolutely no effort at all? What if you had everything you need within you, right now, to find relief, insight and an overriding sense that, beneath it all, you are OK?

yoga, yoga nidra, And meditation CAN BE EFFORTLESS

At Restful Being we are focused on what lies at the heart of all yoga, meditation and mindfulness practices: the uncovering of your layers of experience and suffering to reveal an inherent equanimity. For some, this will happen by working with the body, others, the breath, and others perhaps some guided self-enquiry. Whatever the process, our goal is to take you to the precipice of letting go, from where you fall easily, and all by yourself, into your innately restful being.

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